Vintage Lux

Studio Dizon loves images reminiscent of a different era. The stylish “Vintage Lux” look is perfect for brides who have a penchant for all things vintage. Quirky signs and props with meticulous art direction compliment these images that are enhanced to have a delicious brown under tone. Words like burlap banners, distressed fences, barns, old suitcases and even cowboy boots come to mind when describing this look. Our goal is to bring out our clients’ stylish personalities while telling their beautiful stories.

Click on the thumbnails below to view our extensive collection of Vintage Lux weddings and engagement images! 

Miriam & John Married

Miriam and John’s wedding was beautiful, unique, and full of laughter, love and character. This was my first time

Desiree & Chris Married

Desiree and Chris is a very stylish couple who love the look of country-vintage photographs. So to convey this theme I

Janice & Jay Engaged

My team at Studio Dizon loved working with the stylish Janice and Jay! They are such an inspiration to us, with ideas

Shirley & Kevin Engaged

From vintage to modern, I photographed Shirley and Kevin in a way that tells their “aviation” story. Shirley

Laura & Jon Married

Laura and Jon’s wedding was certainly filled with lots of tears, as evident on their images. But aside from being

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