Trang & Orlando Trash the Dress

Colored corn starch, a lot of running around and a car wash paired with a couple in bridal attire can only mean one thing… a quirky after shoot of trashing the dress! As a photographer, I always embrace when clients ask for an after shoot of taking one-of-a-kind images of wet wedding gowns as the couples have fun in front of the camera. This shoot was definitely that: fun! Trang and Orlando wanted to trash the dress in a way that showcases a lot of color as well as a lot of water. This very impromptu shoot started clean at a nearby carnival (with the obligatory ticket booth photo). We then moved and got dirty by having my clients throw colored corn starch on each other. We then found a nearby water fountain and then ended up in the conveyer belt of a nearby car wash! As a photographer, I couldn’t have asked for a more liberating photo shoot experience!

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